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I am E.R.C. a doctoral student at UCLA Information Studies. My research focus is what community based digital archiving means for social movements.  By documenting under-represented histories, we can build evidence to argue different purposes of knowledge, governance and development.  The history of western colonialism was facilitated by the archive, which preserved textual documents of colonial laws, commerce, missionaries, education, and the like.  Through the production, circulation and affirmation of their records through legal, political and economic systems, colonial governments were able to take root in other lands, legitimize the suppression of non-western people, and exploit ther resources for western, empire development.  Post-colonial history tells us that native and immigrant elites have been educated according to colonial knowledge systems maintaining our dependencies on previous colonial’s market systems.  Subaltern, feminist, ethnic, queer, indigenous studies and critical theory reveal that resistance lives within and against dominant systems of knowledge and power. The archive for these knowledge systems must be centered and decentered to support their intellectual and action-oriented intents. These records are created through text, word, music, performance, visual arts, to stage the presence of diverse ways of thinking, to transform physical and embodied space.  It confronts the homogenizing tendency of capitalist, mass media culture embodied by people, that seeks to reduce and simplify diverse knowledges, rather than engaging intellectual and embodied rigour of learning how to live with difference.

Digital and web 2.0 technology can support mvmnts in manifesting the reality they envision for their physical and embodied space. Community empowerment allows for relationship building so intent of knowledge can be communicated and create space for dialogue with others.  As we use our digital and web technologies in alliance with peoples in struggle, the living archive grows to transform the intent of modernity.


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30 09 2015
Benjamin Chan

Hi, kumusta? My name is Benjamin Chan. I saw your blog about Vigan. My father was born there. I am planning to a book about my grandfather’s journey from China to Vigan. Hope to be able to correspond with you. Salamat!

19 03 2018

Hello Benjamin Chan, Sorry for the late reply. Great to hear about your book about your grandfather. Vigan is such an interesting city. I hope that you have written your book by now and if there is a link to it. Salamat po!

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