March 4, 2010: UCLA Fights Back

6 03 2010

In coordination with UCs and other academic institutions throughout the nation, UCLA’s student and worker movement showed their fearlessness and commitment to demanding equity in public education.  People with love for education and care for the future are not standing silent to the nation and state’s priorities on prison funding, military funding and bank bail outs. This movement continues the struggle since the Civil Rights era. The solutions to our economic, political, social and ecological crisis lies within communities.  On March 4, students and workers stood in solidarity with movements all over the world, demanding that U.S. education be affordable and accesible, so that people from under-repesented communities can share their knowledge about how to address the issues we all face today.

Listen to the oral testimonies of people who spoke at the rally.

A. C.

J. C.

H. S.

L. B. and S. H.

Skilled Trade Worker

Bruin Feminists

Grad Student UCLA

UCLA Worker

University Professional Technical Worker

H. and L. (Students)

D. (Community Worker)

UCLA Spartacus Youth Club

UC Clericals and M. S.




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